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  1. Hi Terry each month I post challenges for you so just check thgrouh the posts. You can go back and do prior month’s challenges if you like (and I hope you will) but the prizes are only doled out at the end of the month.

    • If you have both crystals and work with a bi-lateral zone, it’s best to use slievr+gold. I would start with using slievr on the left and gold on the right side; if this doesn’t feel right’, swap them. If you only have either gold or slievr crystal, do the left side first, right side second again, if this doesn’t feel right’, do the opposite.You can also attach the slievr/gold crystals to the dream zones (or other zones) with Micropore and leave them for a long time such as overnight.It’s fine too to use different therapeutic media on the same zone or point: massage + pieso + colour light + crystalpuncture.I often follow up St41 colourpuncture light by slievr/gold crystals attached bi-laterally for some while after the colourpuncture session, it gives very profound relaxation as St41 is related to Prenatal space and soul lessons. It’s a nice completion, especially after endocrine therapy.And this crystal pair is absolute favorite for kids with fear issues (on fear zones). I wouldn’t leave the crystals overnight in this case though.

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File name: Retro-web-badges.rar
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A set of 4 original retro badges with different styles and colors to make your product or service shine.
They come with fully editable text layer in psd format.